A Passion for Pastoring

The other night Diann and I watched one of the few TV shows we enjoy, Undercover Boss. The premise of the show is for the boss of a company to go undercover in his own company, disguised as a new hire. The explanation for the camera following him around is that it’s being taped for a reality show. The boss usually gains some new insights into the company and those who work for the company.  The conclusion of the show has the boss revealing his true identity and rewarding those with whom he worked while undercover who are doing a great job.

Last week’s show was about the boss of Rally’s and Checkers Hamburgers, Rick Silva. It was amazing to see how passionate he is about hamburgers! He was bubbling over with enthusiasm, describing how he wants to produce the best burger and the best service in the business. He’s intolerant of producing just average burgers and fries and of mediocre performance by his workers.

Rick Silva convicted me! If he’s so passionate about producing hamburgers, then how much more should I be passionate about leading a local franchise of the Kingdom of God where our task is to produce and grow disciples for Jesus! We as pastors are entrusted with delivering the best “product” in the world, the Gospel.  What could be more motivating?  Ouch!

The apostle Paul wrote to the young pastor Timothy, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)  Yes, Paul, I need your words too!

As a local franchisee for the Kingdom of God I want to remember that my CEO is always “undercover” in my local franchise of His kingdom. Yes, His presence should be a sobering reminder for me to do my best, but also a great comfort and help knowing that He’s there to help me make happen what He wants to see done.

He’s given me a franchise to serve. I want to have the passion to see it thrive!  You too?

Being a Teachable Teacher