Defining Our Calling

Henry Drummond wrote, “The end of life is to do God’s will. . . . That is the object of your life and mine – to do God’s will. It is not to be happy or to be successful, or famous, or to do the best we can. . . . It is something far higher than this – to do God’s will.”

Most of us won’t be called to live in a way that’s larger than life, in exciting places, doing exciting things. Drummond wrote, “We are neither intended to be apostles nor missionaries nor martyrs, but to be common people living in common houses, spending the day in common offices or common kitchens, yet doing the will of God there, we shall do as much as apostle or missionary or martyr – seeing that they can do no more than do God’s will where they are, even as we can do as much where we are – and answer the end of our life as truly, faithfully and triumphantly as they.”

He went on to say that a healthy Christian life “is not defined by how happy we are, by how prosperous or healthy we are, or even by how many people we have led to the Lord in the last year. Christian health is ultimately defined by how sincerely we wave our flag of surrender, how earnestly we want to do and be exactly what God wants us to do and be.” (quoted in Thirsting for God, Bary Thomas, ebook – loc – 1748 & following, by Gary Thomas)

4 Responses to Defining Our Calling

  1. Tracy says:

    I love this!!!

    • djclaassen says:

      Thanks for commenting, Tracy. I’m particularly taken by Drummond’s phrase of waving a “flag of surrender” to the Lord. I’m a semi-serious photographer and want to photograph a cross with a white flag on a stick being waved in front of it.

      • Tracy says:

        that would be pretty cool. I’d like to see that.
        Surrender, the one thing we seem to find so difficult, always holding on to things that in the end are worthless.

  2. Tucker C says:

    Great blog yyou have

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