Retreats for Your Soul

LakeMistDuring my 39+ years of ministry at Mayfair-Plymouth Church I would take an annual study leave. They varied from writers’ conferences to church growth conferences. Several of my study leaves could be classified as retreats. I believe of all of my study leaves the retreats were the most valuable. Because a retreat is a great way for a pastor to restore his or her soul I’m providing a link to a list of retreats compiled by Ed Stetzer at the Christianity Today web site. You can find it here.

I know this is a very limited list, so if you have other suggestions please “comment” with your recommendation(s) for a good place to retreat. For instance, I did a retreat at a Catholic monastery near Dubuque, Iowa called New Melleray Abbey. It was a great retreat. An interesting note: the monks provide some of their own financial needs by making caskets! The link is here.

Then too, Diann and spend half of our time at Refuge Ranch here in Mexico.  For the price of a flight to Mexico (about $700) and $55 per day for room and board you can retreat on the mountainside in Mexico!  Time your visit while Diann and I are here and we can take walks together and pray together.  I’ll pick you up at the Mexico City airport.  The link for the ministry of our daughter and son-in-law is here.

Jesus invited His disciples to get away with Him for awhile. “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31) I believe He still offers the invitation, we just have to listen.

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