My “Fan Mail” File

My actual “Fan Mail” file

I have a file marked “Fan Mail” in our filing cabinet. Years ago my wife suggested I start the file for the occasional thank you note, pastor’s card, and (in the later years) e-mails with nice things to say about me and my ministry.

I’ll admit my first inclination was to begin this post with the statement, “I confess I have a file marked ‘Fan Mail’,” but quickly realized that this would be completely contrary to the point of the post. There’s no need to confess about having such a file.

A member of a mission team with which I had worked e-mailed me, encouraging me in my writing and speaking. I appreciated it, but didn’t dwell on it, thinking maybe that was egotistical or prideful. My wife suggested that I take a second look at what she had written. “I think the Lord is encouraging you through her,” my wife said. She was right.

I believe there have been many times over the years when I have robbed myself of the gratitude, affirmation, and encouragement God had for me that He was channeling through the people whose lives my ministry had impacted.

The Bible says to encourage one another, but paying a compliment is a two-sided coin. If someone is to be encouraged then that means someone has to allow themselves to be encouraged!

It’s a form of false humility to blow off the praise or affirmation from someone. If we’re honest enough to check our motives at such times we’ll find that we want to come off humble before the other person. We’re proud of the fact that we’re so humble!

Pastoral ministry is a challenging calling. There’s plenty of criticism that comes our way. Complaining parishioners usually greatly outnumber complimenting parishioners. God’s grace toward us is sometimes given in the expressions of praise, gratitude, and affirmation that come our way. Graciously receiving such encouragement is a way to express gratitude to the Lord for how He has chosen to work through our life and ministry. It’s one more way we give praise and glory to Him.

Thankfully, I haven’t had too many occasions when I was in desperate need of reading my “Fan Mail” file. Occasionally just pulling it out of the file drawer to add another expression of affirmation is usually enough to keep me going.

Yes, as pastors we should model being an encourager, but we should also model how to receive encouragement. We don’t have to let it go to our head, but we can let it go to our discouraged heart!